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About Us - (And This Technology)

Hi, my name is Simon Cope and I am a Kiwi through and through. Practical thinking guy! Background as an electrician, (Advanced Trade A, B, C & D) and then became an electronics technican (NZCE- Computer & Electronics) and then sales engineer (Cert In Supervisory Mgmt) and then sales and marketing manager, branch manager (MBA) and during that time created 5 businesses that grossed over $1 million dollars a year...


Now I don't tell you all that cause I am bragging, but so you get an idea of my background. In fact I recommend you 'Google me' and see for yourself.


To learn more about what got me to dabbling in hydrogen technology, click here....



Time To Reduce Our Petrol Bill!...

Anyway, Kristina and I are a middle class family who wanted to find a way to reduce our ever increasing petrol bill for our two cars here in Auckland... so I started to do research (which I love to do) and then apply it (which I love to do even more than the research!).


Cause it was mainly USA my quest took me, I needed to adapt for New Zealand conditions etc. And this is what I have done here...


Yes I am still skeptical about whether this simple modification will make a long-term savings in my car's petrol bill... so that is why I need YOUR HELP! Purchase one of these devices for your car or truck, and experiment with it. We need a group of us throughout New Zealand using this system in different makes and models of cars to prove it works with ANY car or truck. Hear from you soon!



Time For You To Learn More About Water For Petrol Technology For Your Car...

Otherwise, click here to learn more about how you can make your own hydrogen generating system to have 35+% savings on your petrol or diesel bill next month...



They Laughed When I Said One Day Cars Would Run On Water...

Guess Who's Laughing Now...


Many years ago I remarked to my work collegues  "One day cars will run on water". I can still remember how they all laughed at me as if I was crazy. Among them was someone who knew so much about the mechanics of a car and how it works. He was the one that laughed the loudest and took time to explain to us, especially me, how it wasn't possible for cars to EVER run on water, even 30% water.


I wish I could see his face right now while demonstrating the water car technology to him. For the rest

of my friends who were there that day that I still contact, they are so filled with shame for ever

laughing at me that day.


If you know anyone that has also doubted the workability of the water car technology, tell them that not only is it now workable but anyone can make it work from the comfort of their home.

That's right. The water car technology can be made workable by just about anyone, who has access to the right information and the right devices needed.



How Exactly This water Car Technology Works?

This water car technology is the use of simple technology of putting together of home-made devices

that use a little electricity out of your car's battery to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). HHO, also known as Brown's Gas or Hydroxy, burns beautifully and by so doing provides TONS of energy.


And the most remarkable beauty is that this HHO gas is even more potent than petrol. In fact 3 times more potent than petrol.


To get started, learn more about how this works and how you too can 'do it yourself' on your car right here in New Zealand. With the power of the Internet this information cannot be buried, or surpressed. When you arm yourself with this information you will be amazed at how easy it can be to make this water car technology work for you.



About The Inventor Of This Technology:

To learn more about water for gas technology and how you too can build your own water for gas

powered car, click here now.



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Simon & Kristina Cope

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