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If you have previously installed one of our 'home-made' HHO kits and you found it a success...


Or, you want to jump in - big time, then we recommend you check out these advanced HHO systems























This system package includes the Fuel Saver Flash Chip (or EFIE Max for cars manufactured before 1996).


Hands Down the best system to bolt onto your vehicle and immediately see results!


We've combined the core products in one package that really works. The DC450 series is a proven workhorse for engines up to 3.5 liters. This package matches it with the 1.5 quart reservoir, and the necessary installation components.


 As close to plug and play as you can get. This is the way to get the complete system and the support needed to be successful.


About the DC450


This unit brings the standards up from the popular smaller plate designs over to a more durable and lasting product.

We needed reliability and heavy duty operating specifications so we put stainless steel grade hardware throughout, and moved the end caps to a higher grade of commercial materials. And every plate is secured between heavy rubber gaskets for lasting reliability.


While we like the little 4 inch plate models, the DC450 offers about 35% more HHO output and only a slightly larger overall dimension.


HHO production is a product of the amperage draw. Our baseline testing always uses 12 amp current draw and the DC450 produces 800 ml of HHO per minute at this level. You are welcome to operate the unit above this level.



And yes, you don't get to see the bubbles through the acrylic, but these units quietly work under your hood where you can forget about them and know they will maintain a productive lifetime of service.


All installation components are designed for ease of assembly. Wires, hose clamps, connectors and mounting screw are all included to offer peace of mind for the new HHO enthusiast.



Choosing Your Computer Management Solution


If your vehicle is newer than 1996 we usually recommend the Fuel Saver Flash Chip for your computer management solution. It is easy to install and generally offers good results.


If your vehicle is older than 1996 or you want more control over your computer, the EFIE Max is a better choice. The EFIE Max connects to all your oxygen sensors and allows for much greater gains and efficiency. It is more work to install, but provides some extra control you may want.



Helping You Succeed


Advanced HHO offers parts along with selling entire kits. This allows you to buy replacement items, or only order the harder to find components you need to build your own. Please see the other items we list.


The purpose of this system is encouraging the wide spread use of alternative fuels. Hydrogen plays an important role in abundant, safe energy for each of us, and the world at large.



Additional Information


This unit is ready to install per the safety specifications of the plans. It comes with an Installation Overview and Diagrams along with our special electrolyte packets.


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The Original Inventor Of This System Now Makes Advanced HHO Systems...

Holder for Electrolyser


In the manual bungee ties are used. This method of securing the electroylser is not approved here in New Zealand. We have developed a save holder to keep your Electrolyser securely in place. Universal for 99% of engine bays...  


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Our Price NZD$32.00 - incl GST

Buy Now and we will ship from Auckland, New Zealand to you within 7 days.

This item is of course covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with this product we will refund your money.

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Holder For Electrolyser

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FOR EXAMPLE: The DC450 HHO System with Flash Chip - Complete System for HHO Success

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