Examples 1: Honda CRV

fumes in the crank area and so the engine has a PCV device that sucks these fumes back out and mixes them in with the incoming petrol to reburn them... an ideal vaccum line to tap into... and so I did... and while I was there, I learnt that if you put in a simple but more advanced PCV device (click here to learn more) you can draw out the excess water and help the engine to get less wear and tear....

I then simply turned it ON and it instantly started to generate HHO gas and suck it into the engine.... I could not hear any difference in the engine revs, or anything.... so needed to wait til once again I accurately measured 5 tanks of petrol and see what my NEW L/KM would be...

OLD: Over 5 tanks of 91 petrol on my car this averaged out at 9.7L/100km.

NEW: Over 5 tanks of 91 petrol on my car this averaged out at 6.11L/100km.


Click here how you can repeat this in your car or truck - and it doesn't matter whether it runs by petrol or diesel... before petrol goes up even further in price in New Zealand!

Click above to see my hydrogen generation system in operation in my Honda CRV here in Auckland, NZ.