Toyota Caldina, 1998, Running on HHO

Bob Nand

I bought my kit from Simon Cope and it is the simplest and easiest kit to install for any DYI person.

I installed it in my 1998 Toyota Caldina, a year a go (2012) and the amount of saving I had has paid for the kit more then 5 times over.

The savings I am getting is 15% per tank of petrol around town, 660km/60tank, and on open road the savings is even greater, 700+km/tank. The increase in power means lesser gear changing, being a manual car, and even when going up a hill.

The car runs cleaner and smoother. You can notice the difference this has made. I took out the plugs the other day and there was hardly any carbon deposit.

I have also installed a MAP Sensor (DEMSE) to regulate the amount of fuel getting delivered in the ports, thus increasing the mileage further.

Main benefits:

* Improve MPG by up to 35%.

* Drastically reduce emissions.

* Greatly enhance engine power & performance.

* Remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up.

* Reduce engine operating temperature.

* Notice a calmer, quieter, much smoother engine operation, lesser gearshifts.

* Enjoy a longer life expectancy of your engine, especially pistons, valves, rings & bearings.

Bob Nand lives in Auckland. His details are on file.

If you would like to experiment with this technology in your car why not get one and have a play?

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2 HHO unit installed
HHO gas delivery
HHO unit