FAQ's & Alternative Options

Our math is based on our extensive road tests but may vary for you depending on car model, weather, driving conditions, altitude, etc.

And with petrol prices fluctuating like crazy, we can never be totally accurate. In fact our calculations may be off by 25% or more. Yet the H-U-G-E differences in the bottom line you see below will give you a clear idea of which one you want to have - and how much you are risking:

Product WaterHydroFuel Device "X" (See TradeMe) Hybrid Car (Toyota/Honda)
Your investment $300 or less $1,200 + $400 install $
Power Boost 15-20% 15-20% 0
Reduce Emissions Yes Yes Not on the motorway!
Noise Reduction Excellent Excellent Not on the motorway!
Make money on referrals? Yes No No
Permission to replicate? YES! No way! No way!
Monthly Operation (1) 31?/mo 31?/mo Expensive batteries every 5 yrs
You Save Monthly (2) $104.70 $104.70 $29.90
You Save Yearly (2) $1,256 $1,256 $359
Time to recover investment 57 days! 15.3 months 47 Years

(1) Estimated yearly consumption of 4 Gallons of distilled water +1 box of catalyst. BUT REMEMBER that if broken, the alternatives will cost $100's or $1000's to fix - instead of pennies as in Water4Gas! (you will get full instructions and full access to our suppliers).
(2) Estimated gas savings based on a 10-L/Km car driving 2000 Kms/month using $2/Litre 91 petrol.

IMPORTANT: We are going to reveal to you fuel saving techniques unknown to the average mechanic - so don't go around asking "experts" who think they know everything! Instead, order these books, test the technology and then contact us with any questions you may still have. You're lucky to have found this place because what you get here are unique and little-known energy saving FACTS - discovered by experimenting, not by theory.
These facts are not obvious. In every street corner you'll find an expert or two who may have listened to their school teacher but have never TOUCHED this technology. The only way to know:
(1) Don't listen to anybody!
(2) Read these books to discover how we are getting ACTUAL RESULTS right now,
(3) Test it yourself!