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Look, I know you are skeptical about being able to run your car on water, or even EXTEND your petrol consumption by using water... and I was and in some ways are still skeptical just like you! Hence WHY I started to experiment with this technology and ideas...


It is now December 2010 and I installed this technology in my car (Honda CRV) in March 2008. In this time


Otherwise, to read more about this technology and how you can do it right here in New Zealand - no matter what town or city your live in... click here now.  To read the breadth and width of this info click here.

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Do You Want To Know RIGHT NOW How You Can Drive Around (In Auckland - Or Anywhere In New Zealand) Using WATER as FUEL in your Car and Laugh At Rising Fuel Costs, While Reducing Emissions and Preventing Global Warming?

100% "water cars" and "water trucks" are still on the drawing board - but I'm excited to show you how you can start RIGHT NOW to use  water in your car here in Auckland New Zealand...

An American With The Same Technology (And Similar Setup To What I Offer You Here In Auckland For Any New Zealander / Kiwi To Install In Their Vehicle TODAY! Click here to get your hands on this same info!

MY Car In Auckland - The Technology Is Here For Any New Zealander / Kiwi To Install In Their Vehicle TODAY! Click here to get your hands on this same info!

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Automotive use of water-for-energy is 90+ years old. In fact the first internal combustion engines, 207 years ago, used hydrogen - because petrol hadn't been invented then!


Many Patents have been applied and forgotten. So yes, you can build a Hydrogen-On-Demand system yourself, using information from the internet and the patent library. But let's face it - you'll have to filter mountains of old US Patents, read 1000's of pages and diagrams, go through months or more probably years of backyard tests, road tests and heavy expenses on tooling and materials.


Think of your costs and frustrations... imagine your garage filled with half-done projects... Bill Lang of Gulf Laboratories hasinvested 23 years in Research & Development to offer you all this when you order your copy of these in depth, step by step, as easy as 1,2,3 run your car on water manuals right now.

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