Money Back Guarantee


Yep, you didn't expect a money back guarantee did you?

As I have actually proven this technology works, then I have absolutely no problem with providing you with an iron-clad, 90 day money back guarantee.

If you...
1/ Read and implement the information contained within the two manuals and,

2/ Then accurately log your petrol/diesel consumption BEFORE you use any of the techniques or devices we suggest, and,

3/ Then either build a device yourself (or purchase the parts from ourselves) and once again accurately log your petrol/diesel consumption.

Then, if you have NOT got any savings, we will cheerfully refund the cost of the items you purchased from us (less freight costs). Simply follow our returns/shipping policy to get your money back.

Disclaimer ...

Please note that WaterForPetrol New Zealand provides this information for users to learn and try to implement this system on their own vehicles. WaterForPetrol New Zealand / Simon & Kristina Cope / Web Doctor Ltd offer the resources to do this, but will not be held liable for any damages that your vehicle may incur. This is a strictly at your own risk project, although the strong results are proven.